The Real Exam English podcast is a podcast for English learners who are preparing for advanced English exams, B2, C1 and C2. It features native English speakers from around the world answering questions. Their answers are then analysed for the best bits. The podcast also includes amazing tips on how to prepare for the different parts of English exams: writing, use of English, reading, speaking and listening.


The transcripts for the first 3 seasons are available for purchase, plus season 4 episodes as they come. Each worksheet includes:

  • A transcript of all of the answers so that you don´t miss a single word or phrase.
  • Additional vocabulary and grammar exercises, great preparation for exams!
  • A list of all of the fancy language used, such as topic-relevant vocabulary, phrasal verbs and key expressions.

The worksheets are carefully designed to help you get even more from your listening experience and progress faster, so that you can achieve your goal!

For only €25 you get all of the transcripts for the first three seasons, plus all of the transcripts for new episodes in 2023.

What other listeners say about the worksheets…

“I totally recommend getting the worksheets. I can’t always hear what the speaker says so it is really helpful to be able to see every word.” Maria Giulia S.

“I love the use of English exercises at the start! I’m doing my Cambridge C1 exam this year and these exercises are excellent preparation. Diego B.

“Great job Trevor! The transcript and the podcast really help me to improve quickly. Top-notch! Eszter B.

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To give you an idea of what the worksheets are like, here is a free sample:

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