Expressions for Interacting

Many English speaking exams have a part that requires you to interact with somebody else, either a student or the interlocutor. For that reason, it is essential to have some nice expressions to agree and disagree, involve a partner and come to a conclusion. Even if you are not preparing for an exam these expressions are also really useful for real life situations.

Obviously you don´t have to learn every single expression, it is best to choose two or three from each category that you like and get into the habit of using them. To practice interacting it is, of course, best to practice with a partner, but if you can´t do that it can be helpful to have a conversation with yourself(you weirdo!). It is a great way to get used to using these great expressions in a less pressurised environment than in a class, or in an exam!


I agree (NOT I am agree).
I completely/totally agree.
Yes, absolutely/definitely/totally.
I think so.
You have a point.
I couldn´t agree more.
I´d go along with that.
You took the words right out of my mouth.


I disagree.
I don´t agree.
I´m afraid I disagree.
I don´t think so.
I beg to differ.
I see what you mean, however…..
I take your point, but
I´d be inclined to disagree.
I´m not so sure about that.
I partially agree.
I agree up to a point.
Not necessarily.

Involve Your Partner

Do you agree?
What do you think?
How you feel about it?
…..wouldn´t you say?
What do you reckon?
….don´t you think?

Coming to a Conclusion

Ok, so in conclusion…..
Out of all the options we´ve looked at I´d say …….
Let´s wrap it up…..
I think we can discard X and Y because….
We haven´t yet mentioned X but I reckon we can rule it out because….
(After you have ruled out a few options) So it´s down to X and Y.

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