Comparing Photos

This is a model answer of how to compare two photographs, which is the speaking part 2 task in Cambridge B2 and C1 exams. Many other exams also require you to compare two images so the same language could be used there also.


The photos show people showing others how to do things.

What might the activities involve?

How are the people feeling?

In the first picture it looks like there is a woman showing a young girl how to hold what seems to be a kind of pole, with a parsnip on top. I guess it´s some kind of bizarre game or tradition where you need to balance the parsnip without dropping it. In the second image, on the other hand, it looks as though a woman is being taught how to cook something in a giant wok, it could be beans or maybe coffee.

This looks a fair bit more complicated than the task in the first image and the old lady doesn’t appear to be too impressed with the way the woman is stirring the beans, whereas the lady, in contrast, looks delighted with herself, judging by the expression on her face. Similarly, in the first picture the lady gives the impression of being over the moon with how the little girl is managing to hold with stick. Likewise, it seems as if the girl is well chuffed with how she is doing, she`s probably quite content with her efforts.


It looks like On the other hand
Gives the impressionSimilarly
It seems as ifThe looks a fair bit more ___ than the ___
I guess it’sLikewise
It looks as though
It could be
Doesn’t appear to be
She’s probably quite

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